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St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg State University is the oldest university in Russia, it was founded by Emperor Peter the Great in 1724. In the course of almost three centuries of its existence the University has acquired a wealth of experience in international co-operation in the spheres of Science, Education and Culture. It now has over 150 direct agreements of co-operation with universities in 55 countries of the world, including Bergen, Oslo, and Tromsø Universities. One of the University's important characteristics is the functioning of 15 research institutes as its structural units alongside the 19 faculties, which enables the staff and students to combine the teaching-learning process with fundamental and applied research both in Science and Humanities.

The university curricula take into account the latest scientific developments and are based on the profound knowledge and teaching experience of generation of academics and educationists. The discoveries and achievements of the university professors and graduates have become part of the history of both international and Russian science and technology. Eight of University members were awarded NOBEL PRIZES.

The best scientists and professors from the faculty of Geography and Geo-ecology, faculty of Physics will be involved to the Project "International Polar Year -Climate of the Arctic and its Role for Europe".