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Institute of Oceanology (IOPAN), Polish Academy of Sciences - Poland

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Established in 1951 the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IO-PAN) is institution with responsibility for research in the marine sciences. It employs about 160 persons, including 19 professors and 29 doctors and it is the largest institute of marine sciences in Poland. It is divided into five departments: Marine Chemistry and Biochemistry, Marine Physics, Marine Dynamics, Marine Ecology and Genetics and Marine Biotechnology and subdivided into 20 specialised laboratories.

The Institute's research efforts is concentrated on four strategic problems: The role of ocean in climate change and its effects on the European Seas; natural and anthropogenic variability in the Baltic Sea environment; contemporary changes in the coastal ecosystems of shelf seas; genetic and physiological mechanisms of functioning marine organisms, principles of marine biotechnology. The area of main activity is the Baltic Sea and the European Arctic Seas.