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Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie (ANM) - Romania

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Romanian Meteorological Service was set up in July 1884, by the decision of the Department of Agriculture, Industry, Commerce and Domains. Now, Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie (ANM) represents the Romanian Meteorological Service. ANM carries out activities in meteorology which include: meteorological short, medium and long range forecasts; meteorological warnings of hazardous phenomena; dynamic meteorology and aerology studies; atmospheric ozone and pollution measurements; theoretical and applied climatology research; radar and remote-sensing applications; air-sea interaction in the Black Sea (e.g. wave models). ANM coordinates the National Meteorological Observations Network, which includes: 151 meteorological stations, 3 aerological stations, 7 radar centers, 60 agrometeorological stations and 8 actinometrical stations.