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Merentutkimuslaitos (FIMR) - Finland

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FIMR is a multidisciplinary research institution carrying out basic and providing services in the fields of physical, chemical and biological oceanography to improve safety at sea, to contribute to environmental surveys, to make assessment of the environmental impact of various measures and to maintain monitoring and warming systems on change in the marine environment. The institute maintains daily services for navigation, such as an ice service during the winter seasons, and water level and wind wave services. In the field of Polar marine research the institute has conducted extensive field studies in the Nordic Seas, mainly Denmark Strait, and the Arctic Ocean, mainly Fram Strait, as well as in the Barents Sea, the Baltic and the Weddell Sea, on the institute's research vessel Aranda and/or in collaboration with other institutes on other ships. The institute carries out also observational, theoretical. remote sensing and modeling studies on sea-ice physics with a specific focus on the variability and change of the sea-ice thickness.