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Department of Geoscience, University of Oslo (UiO) - Norway

The Department of Geosciences, section of Physical Geography at the University of Oslo has for many years worked in glaciology in the Arctic (Svalbard). The Department has long traditions in field based research and has both the experience and the logistics necessary to organize and conduct field campaigns. Glaciological field investigations operated by the department includes mass balance measurements, surveying (traditional and GPS), radio-echo soundings, shallow core drillings and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS). The department has developed a laboratory of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems, where data from field investigations are combined with remote sensing information. The department will build on former an ongoing projects partly funded by EU through which valuable data sets have been collected and energy-balance models of a number of ice caps have been constructed and used to determine the sensitivity of their mass budget to climate change. An ongoing activity is a Calibration/Validation project for ESA's CryoSat in which data sets on surface altitude and thus data for volume change calculations of ice caps can be available for use in CARE. Under CARE UiO will work mainly on land ice observational data in Svalbard, modeling of the future response of selected glaciers and ice caps, field validation and ground truthing for remote sensing data of surface altitude variations and ice facies data for input in mass balance and runoff modeling.