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Institutt for geologi, Universitetet i Tromsø (UiT) - Norway

University of Tromso

Department of Geology (DG) includes 12 permanent positions (profressors/ass.profs); ca. 20 PhD-students (post docs.) and a technical administrative staff of 20 persons. DG is located in a modern building that includes advanced geology laboratories, teaching and office facilities. The laboratories include instruments for seismic processing, 3-D seismic visualisation, multi sensor core logger, carbon analyser, sedigraph, freeze-dryer, sediment core cooling facilities.

The research is organized into three research groups: 

  1. Marine geology and Geophysics,
  2. Sedimentology and Quaternary geology and
  3. Hard rock geology.

The research focuses on the geology of high northern latitudes including the European Arctic and adjoining seas. DG offers one bachelor and three master studies in geology and also has a PhD trainee school in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics. DG has access to the UiT research vessels Jan Mayen (ice strengthened) and Johan Ruud, equipped with modern sediment coring and acoustic devises.