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Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Science - China

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The Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) originated from the former Institute of Meteorology of Academia Sinica, which was established in February of 1928 and was one of the earliest eight institutes engaged in the research of modern natural sciences in China. Prof. Zhu Kezhen, the first director of IAP, was the main founder of modern atmospheric sciences and geographic sciences in China. Prof. Ye Duzheng, a veteran scientist in the meteorological field, and other famous scientists, like, Prof. Zhao Jiuzhang, Prof. Gu Zhenchao, Prof. Tao Shiyan and Prof. Zeng Qingcun established the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP). Under the accumulated effort of several generations of scientists, IAP has grown to be an internationally renowned research foundation engaged in comprehensive atmospheric sciences, characterized by the features of covering multi-subjects, equipped with advanced basic research facilities, and a gathering of talented individuals who have made great achievements.

IAP mainly engages in exploring the basic laws governing atmospheric motion, physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, and the interaction between the atmosphere and its surrounding environment, especially the study of the mechanism of weather, climate and environment in East Asia, prediction theory and observation techniques under the combined influences of the Tibetan Plateau, the tropical Pacific Ocean and the complex topography of China. Undertaking that enterprise, IAP aims to build a systematic theory of the East Asian climate system as well as the monsoon environment system and to implement a remote-sensing observation system, so as to develop new detection and experimental methods to provide theory and methodology for monitoring, prediction and control of weather, climate and the environment. The four emphasized innovative studies are: the dynamics of the climate system and prediction theory, dynamics of the atmospheric environment and the biosphere, mesoscale meteorology and remote-sensing theory and technology, meso-micro scale systems and disastrous weather.

IAP has now a total 328 staffs, of which there are eight academicians of CAS--Prof. Ye Duzheng, Prof. Tao Shiyan, Prof. Zeng Qingcun , Prof. Huang Ronghui, Prof. Wu Guoxiong, Prof. Li Chongyin, Prof. Fu Congbin, and Prof. Lu Daren. At present, there are 53 professors, and 88 associate professors and senior engineers in IAP.