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Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) - Russia

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Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) is the oldest scientific institution in northern Russia, the successor to the Ship-based Marine Research Institute established by V.I.Lenin's Decree in March 1921. In 1935, PINRO was named after N.M.Knipovich, an honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, who is known as the founder of fisheries research in the Russian North. Marine areas studied by PINRO stretch from the Kara Sea in the east to the continental shelf of Canada in the west.

Major lines of the institute's research are the development of scientific advice for rational fisheries in East European seas and the provision of scientifically substantiated forecasts of resource supply and fishing conditions.

PINRO's today and tomorrow consist in:

  • Investigations of marine biological resources
  • Fisheries research in the inland and coastal waters, aquaculture
  • Oceanographic studies and fisheries forecasting
  • Environmental studies and provision of scientific advice on the protection of waters from pollution
  • Improvement of procession techniques to obtain food, medical and prophylactic products from biological resources of the arctic seas
  • Development and refining of equipment and technologies applied in fisheries research
  • Participation in the discussion of international fisheries issues, scientific and technical cooperation with foreign countries

A comprehensive approach to these research objectives helped PINRO to create its own scientific school and to become a centre for training its staff into well-qualified specialists.

PINRO is one of the fisheries research centers of the world. Its scientific cooperation with foreign institutions is based on the assumption that the oceans of the world make up an integrated system, and only a concerted effort of many nations can reveal its mechanisms and contribute to rational harvesting of its resources. PINRO cooperates with such reputable international fisheries organizations as ICES, NAFO, NEAFC, NASCO and ANTCOM. It represents Russia's interests at the meetings of intergovernmental Russian-Norwegian, Russian-Faroese, Russian-Icelandic commissions and at Russian-Greenlandic Consultations. The institute possesses a well of scientific expertise. More than 50 PINRO scientists have a PhD degree. Every year more than 200 scientific papers are being published in Russia and abroad. PINRO researchers make a great contribution to the sustainability of fisheries and conservation of biological resources in the arctic seas.