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Terra Orbit - Norway

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Terra Orbit AS is a company focusing on satellite-based products and services within the fields of:

  • sea ice monitoring
  • wind energy mapping - SatWind
  • applications of very high resolution satellite images; urban and rural planning, refugee camp monitoring, disaster relief, environmental monitoring
  • consultancy

Terra Orbit has experience with applications since 1987 within satellite remote sensing. The company was one of the first to provide real-time sea ice maps to users at sea and has a good understanding of customer-needs.

Terra Orbit uses a wide range of satellites to ensure the most cost-efficient products and services and has state-of-the-art tools to ensure high-quality products. Working closely together with the customers ensures that our products meet their particular needs for environmental information.

Sea ice monitoring

Our sea ice monitoring products are based on microwave satellites that can "see" through clouds and operates independent of daylight. This is of great value to users needing real time information on sea ice edge, ice concentration and type. Sea ice information can be mapped and distributed in real-time for tactical navigation use. We also provide maps of sea ice conditions on local, regional, and global scales for strategic planning and use.

SatWind - Wind energy mapping

Based on high resolution (400 m) wind retrieval from radar satellites (SAR), Terra Orbit provides, as the first company in the world, SatWind - wind energy maps for potential wind farm siting in ocean and coastal regions. Satellite radar images give very detailed spatial information compared to traditional in situ wind measurements and the satellite data are available for many ocean regions world-wide.

Applications of very high resolution satellite images

Satellite images of the Earth can currently be obtained for distinguishing details down to 1 meters. Terra Orbit has long experience in applications of high-resolution satellite images. The fine details in the images make these products ideal for cost-efficient solutions in urban and rural planning, refugee camp monitoring, disaster relief, and environmental monitoring.

Terra Orbit's innovative environmental IT is always at your service!