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University of Plymouth - UK

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The University of Plymouth is the largest HEI in the South West. Study of shelf sea processes has always been an important component of research activity at the School of Earth Ocean and Environmental Sciences (SEOES) of the University. SEOES closely collaborates with Plymouth Marine Science Partnership, which provides a Plymouth wide framework for research in the Marine Sciences and comprises UoP, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the Marine Biological Association of the UK, the Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science and the National Marine Aquarium. Coastal and Shelf Physical Oceanography research within SEOES focuses on the study of patterns of motion on the continental shelf, with emphasis on transports and exchanges at the coastal boundary and across the shelf edge, in particular in the Arctic seas. Specific processes under study include dispersion of estuarine plumes, mesoscale currents, and dense water cascades over the shelf break. Understanding these processes contributes to assessment of the potential response of the coastal marine environmental to global changes.