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Vexcel - UK

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Vexcel was established in 1985 to provide satellite ground systems, processors, mapping and photogrammetry products and services. Vexcel can now call on a range of technologies that can support end-to-end provision of satellite-based information to end-users, from satellite data reception to high level and expert processing. Given the critical role played by satellites in monitoring conditions at high latitudes, one recent focus for the company has been on commercial and operational sea ice monitoring. Projects include: the provision of near real time radar ice maps to the Norwegian Met. Institute and US National Ice Center; studies of radar polarimetry for sea ice applications; analysis of future data sources and infrastructure requirements for the European and Canadian ice services; analysis and near real time assessment of icebergs in the Falkland region for an oil and gas company; development of a seasonal ice outlook in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, for the US National Ice Center; historical analysis of ice conditions around East Antarctica for shipping conditions; provision of near real time ice maps to expeditions in the Arctic; development of ice sounding techniques using low frequency radar; assessment of links between sea ice and climate in the late twentieth century, for NASA.