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Meteorologisk Institutt (met.no) - Norway

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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no) provides the public meteorological and oceanographic services in Norway for both civil and military purposes. Core research activities are: developing and improving operational models for weather, ocean circulation, waves, sea level, sea ice; environmental emergency forecast services; general climate research and services. Oceanographic research and development is directed toward three main themes: 1) operational ocean forecasting; 2) climate modelling including coupling of atmosphere, ocean and ice; 3) operational ecosystem forecasting. Section Oceanography in the R&D Department develops and maintains operational and climate models for ocean circulation, water level, waves and sea ice, as well as models for oil spill prediction and drift of floating objects. From the 1970's met.no has provided a 24-hour oil spill prediction service for Norwegian authorities and oil companies. Since December 2001 met.no has run an operational service to support the Joint Rescue Coordination Centres in search and rescue operations in the open ocean.