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Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning (NILU) - Norway

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The Norwegian Institute for Air Research is an independent research institute founded in 1969. The institute conducts environmental research with emphasis on the sources of airborne pollution, atmospheric transport, climate change, and is also involved in the assessment of the effects of pollution on ecosystems, human health and materials. A main priority for NILU is to provide scientific facts on the quantitative relationships between these factors, and at the same time make the results available in user-friendly manners for decision-makers. The Atmospheric and Climate Department deals with 1) air pollution on a regional (European) and global scale, with particular emphasis on acid deposition, photo-oxidants, toxic compounds, long-range transport of pollutants and 2) chemistry, dynamics and remote sensing of the stratosphere, with emphasis on the ozone layer chemistry, 3) climate variability and climate change in the Arctic.