The IPY-CARE project - overview

The overall objective of IPY-CARE is to create, co-ordinate and prepare a Pan-European science and implementation plan for Arctic climate change and ecosystems research programme as contribution to the International Polar Year.

IPY-CARE is an endorsed project by the IPY Joint Committee with more than 66 partners from a lot of different countries. The project is coordinated by OMJ at NERSC and with J. Thiede, AWI, as chairman of the Steering Committee. IPY-CARE is presently supported by the European Commission through a Specific Support Action.

IPY-CARE WPSThe Arctic has over the last 2-3 decades warmed more than other regions of the world, and the sea ice cover has decreased in the order of 10% in the same period. Climate models furthermore indicate that anthropogenic global warming will be enhanced in the northern high latitudes due to complex feedback mechanisms in the atmosphere-ocean-ice system. At the end of this century, the Arctic Ocean is predicted to be "a blue ocean" during summer time. The Arctic may therefore encounter the most rapid and dramatic changes during the 21st century, with significant consequences for environment and human activities.

The IPY-CARE Specific Support Action will create a coordinated plan for European Arctic climate and ecosystem research programme by organsing expert groups who will develop a science and implementation plan for a coordinated pan-European IPY-CARE programme. Expert groups will be established for the following six modules which represent the main components of the programme:

IPY-CARE will require large and multi-disciplinary resources that can only be mobilized by a joint effort of a broad consortium, which includes all the major polar research institutions and groups in Europe. IPY-CARE will build up promotion and outreach activities to rise the awareness of the importance of the Arctic for global climate, resource exploitation, transport and environmental vulnerability. Furthermore, IPY-CARE will develop education and training programmes in the area of Arctic climate research for young scientists in Europe.